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Dubturbo 2.5 Free & Here’s What You Get!

DUBturbo 2.5 – Is Amazing

I don’t get DubTurbo, I mean with the release of DubTurbo 2.5 this software package is beginning to rival the big professional digital work stations and yet the price for version 2.5 is about a quarter of the cost of the big packages. It is definitely better than the free beat making software packages out there and with the release of 2.5 it will get even better.

DubTurbo 2.5 Doesn’t Stop There

If you get DubTiurbo before the launch of version 2.5 you will get the upgrade FREE.  Yes, version 2.5 has some astounding features, including awesome sound kits, effects and an redesigned user friendly interface.

If you wait and buy DubTurbo 2.5 separately, you’ll pay around $97 but you can get the 2.5 version free if you buy DubTurbo 2.0 now and you can get Dubturbo at 75% off the retail price.

Of course DubTurbo isn’t stopping there either.  If you buy before the launch of DubTurbo 2.5 you will alos get

• DUBturbo PREAMP – PC only – Gritty distortion & power pre amp – FREE

• 14 Premium Sample Packs – Amazing premium! $449 – FREE

• *NEW : DUBturbo Producer Contest Entry – (Comes with purchase only)

• 24/7 Access To The Online Version Included – HOT feature! – FREE

• DUBturbo WUBWUB – PC only – Make your own wub wubs & bass – FREE

• *NEW : WUBWUB & Wobble Sample Kits – DUBSTEP KITS – FREE

• DUBturbo SAMPLOID – PC only – Sampler, make your own Romplers – FREE

• Dubturbo 2.0 Software Package

• Movie & Mood Royalty Free Tracks – Scene/mood $199 – FREE

• DT & ArtOfBeats Instrumentals – Royalty Free beats $249 – FREE

• Accappellas Bonus – Holly Staruch Accappellas & Bonus Voxes – FREE

• Training Videos – How to produce HITS in minutes – FREE

• Dubturbo VSTi – All 5 VST’s Included

• DUBturbo NORBOX – PC only – Mastering & Effects Unit – FREE

A blown away DubTurbo buyer wrote, “OK, so I thought I’d be getting a refund because I thought anything less then $200 coudn’t make the quality of beats I needed in my DJ business.  Stiil, I the website was pretty impressive so I bought DubTurbo…dazam was I wrong.  I am now totally looking forward to DubTurbo 2.5 and getting it free is just the frosting on the cake.  –Kyle Barton”

I know you’ve got to be asking, If the 2.5 version of this software is so great, why are they charging so little for it?  The answer is simple, DubTurbo does not pay a lot of overhead like the bigger companies do.  They keep there management and advertising lean and mean.

Plus DubTurbo doesn’t want anyone owning their software unless they love it and that is why they offer a money-back  guarantee.

Dubturbo 2.0 already allows musicians to make beats for almost any style of music and DubTurbo 2.5 is only going to make the faster, easier and even more professional.

• Techno

• Classical

• R&B

• Hip Hop

• Rock n’ Roll

• Punk Rock

• Reggae

• Grunge

• Hard Rock

• Disco

• Jazz

• Alternative

• Rap

• How To Make Dubstep – Wobbles n Bass

If you buy DubTurbo now you will get DubTurbo 2.5 free, you will be entered into DubTurbo $5000 Producer Contest and recieve all of the items mentioned in this article free.

Dubturbo is also boasting a new special effects module:

dubturbo 2.5 free

However you need to act soon, before the launch of DubTurbo 2.5

Click Here—> Dubtrubo 2.5 Free

Free Beat Making Programs Or Commercial Beat Making Programs

Ever since DJ. Kool Herc first hooked up two turntables to a guitar amp in the Bronx in the 70′s so he could sync the break beats of two James Brown’s hard funk songs together to give his dancers what they wanted.  Hip-Hop music has been based on sampling other peoples recordings and mixing them together to get a brand new beat.

Beat Making Programs

beat making programsWhen DJ Kool Herc invented hip-hop music he didn’t really realize it.  He was just coming up with a way to make the break beat of his hard funk records last longer since that is what the dancers loved the most.  His two turntables and guitar amp were the first ever music sampler albeit a bit tricky to pull off well.

In the 1980.s a German software engineer came up with a way to digitize sound and then sequence those sounds to create music.  This made sequencing samples a breeze and soon everyone was making their own beats.  These were 8 bit mono beats, but, hey, they sounded great in their day.

Beat Making Programs Today

As CD’s replaced tape and vinyl in the 1980′s the music industry standardized digital music.  These standards remain the same today and they are NOT 8 bit mono audio!

Some programs to make beats have kept pace with the changing times and some have not.  You need to be aware of this so that when you make beats you don’t end up getting laughed out of town.  No producer wants to hear an 8 bit mono or stereo beat.

The best beat making programs will meet industry standards while the others will not.  Usually the free beat making programs fall short on one or more of  the standards.  So the best beat making software for PC’s will make a beat that is has a depth of 16 bits, a rate of 44.1 kHz and is coded in stereo.

By the way, MP3′s do not meet these standards so if your beat making program renders your beat as an MP3…forget it.  Your software for beat making should render you beats in a WAV file or something similar.

Garbage In Garbage Out

Sure, this is an old computer cliché but it is still true and it is also true about digital beat creators.  If your beat making program can’t handle samples that are WAV files what good will a WAV output be since the output can’t be better than the original sample?  The best beat making programs should come with a sample library that is comprised of industry standard audio that you can arrange into a beat track and out put a a 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo beat track.

This is the main difference between a purchased beat making program and a beat maker you download free off the Internet.

See Dub Turbo Digitla Beat Maker For Pro-Quality Beats<<-Click


Great Drum And Bass With Dub Turbo

Using Dub Turbo To Get Great Drum And Bass

One of my biggest pains is creating what should be a great beat that turns out to sound muddy due to a poor mix of the bass and kick.

dub turbo bass and drumIt usually starts with making great tracks that sound terrific when played individually, but when I play the whole mix at once…oh crap!

How To Avoid Muddy Bass With Dub Turbo

I hate a beat that has virtually no bass—that’s why I don’t get today’s generation’s love of ear buds and worse than that those tiny single speakers you hook up to an iPod. Come on, where’s the head room in such tiny speakers? Excuse me for digressing.

I try to create a kick and bass combo using layering. This means I use several different bass and kick samples on tracks that have identical patterns. This way I can mix the samples by adjusting the various track volumes in Dub Turbo until I get exactly the thumping sound I want.

Sometimes, when I get the depth I want and I add it to the entire mix, I get a rumbly, muddy sound which ruins the overall beat. I have also found that sometimes my beautiful bass creations don’t translate to those tiny speaker or ear buds—sigh.

Use Short Burst Of Bass

The biggest secret to getting a clean bass sound is to cut down on the bass’s sustain or the length the bass notes sound. In other words use short punchy bursts instead of sounding the bass note until the next bass note is played.

This will co a long ways to clean up your bass and kick beat. In many cases it will be all you need to turn a beat headed for the scrap pile into one of your cherished creations.

Another trick is to layer a bass sound into your overall bass creation that will be heard on a set of ear buds or one of those ridiculously tiny speakers. That way at your bass riffs will be heard even if the rest of your lushes bass is lost.

So make sure you layer your bass and kick tracks until you get the depth want and then make sure your bass is in sorter bursts. Add a bass sample that you can hear on tiny speakers, but hope that your beat is played through a 1000 watt sub-woofer.

Dub Turbo Com

Dub Turbo Com: Read This Before You Visit

dub turbo com

Visit Dubturbo.com Now

Dub Turbo Com is a website that was first online in 2010 and it is the home of the Dub Turbo Digital Beat Maker. I became aware of this website in 2011 when I was trying to get beats for some radio advertising I was producing.

You’d be surprised at how hard it can be to get the exact beat you want and I had spent hours going over everything from free beats to commercial beats. There were many great beats, but not the exact one I wanted and that is when i thought to myself, why don’t I just make my own?

After doing several short searches and reading about the abilities of each digital beat maker, I decided to try Dub Turbo at Dub Turbo Com. There were 3 reasons I decided to go with it.

  • First, as a producer I needed broadcast quality audio.
  • Second, I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for software just for beat making since that was not the main thrust of what I did at the time.
  • The last thing I wanted was enough samples to make the beats I wanted. I didn’t want to buy the software and then spend hundreds on samples. It needed to all come as one package.

Dub Turbo Fit The Bill

I visited Dubturbo.com I found that the price was lower than I expected and that I it came with 4 libraries of samples. More than enough to make the beats I wanted.

What I Didn’t Like About Dub Turbo

As they say, “nothing is perfect.”  As a producer I discovered that Dub Turbo pre-processed all of its sounds and that is why you could get this software to produce professional quality audio at such a low price.

What I am saying is that instead of  having a lot of effects such as reverb, compression and filters, Dub Turbo processes the samples for you.  While this makes for very fast beat making—I had my first beat done within 45 minutes of downloading the software—it is not nearly as flexible as having all of these things under your control.

Of course I am speaking as a producer.  All of the things I mentioned take time to learn to use properly.

Who Should Buy Dub Turbo

In the end, Dub Turbo Com is provides excellent software for beginners or people who need to make great sounding beats fast. Even a person who has never made a beat before will be making pro-sounding beats that will amaze their friends and make their enemies jealous.

No more spitting and puffing into a mic, just pro-sounding beats to which you can add your own raps or just jam.

Click Here—> Dub Turbo Com

Dub Turbo: Why I Like It

I love music

dub turboI could be called an audiophile. Now, anyone who knows what an audiophile is, probably is one themselves.

  • We like to hear sound that is pure and accurate.
  • We don’t like any distortion to the pure true sound, and we like the sound of our music to be rich and full.

There is nothing worse than listening to sound that is thin because of the lack of bandwidth used to record it. Often, the sound comes out like someone is beating on a tin can or something. So, when I went looking for a beat maker to help me lay down some chops, I found out that there were a lot of them out there, but the sound was like a cricket trying to get out of a soda can, Or, the price was way out there. That’s when I discovered DUB Turbo, and that made all the difference.

I have to confess that I am cheap

I don’t like to part with my money easily. I want to get more value out than I put into things. So, I really did start looking at the free beat making software out there first. No Dice. Then I researched the not-so-free beat making software. There, I was left with sticker shock and not left with the kind of sound I wanted.

DUB Turbo changed all that for me.

DUB Turbo didn’t break the bank. DUB Turbo also gave me that pure, rich sound I was looking for with their 44.1 .wav file. DUB Turbo doesn’t use MP3 files. MP3 files just weren’t robust enough to give me that kicking sound I wanted. But, the 44.1 wav files are broadcast quality and you will be able to tell it right away once you try it. At the same time, I wanted to add complexity to my rhythms. Once again DUB Turbo did it, coming in with a full 16 tracks I could lay down. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, its in stereo too.

I checked out DUB Turbo

I wanted to find out how flexible it was and found literally thousands of different sounds already there! Enough to keep me going for a while, and, there are options. I can record my own sounds, to really get down. Then I can take those sounds and modify them, blend them, or just use them as they are. Talk about flexibility! Now, here’s the thing. If you are really good at beat making, you feel the rhythm, you know you got what it takes, you can make money with this program. Lay down your own tracks, save them and sell them. You can also pick up someone else’s beat track and modify it, add to it and make it your own. Then sell it.

Now, like I said earlier, I’m cheap. So, I wanted a cheap download that was feature rich¸ robust, intuitive, flexible and really could produce broadcast quality sound. I wanted something that would grow with me. And guess what? I found it! Check it out yourself! I know you won’t be disappointed with DUB Turbo. I wasn’t. Here is one product that’s not cheap! It delivers everything it promises to deliver with style, and does so for an unbelievably low price. So, go for it! And, good luck.

See Dub Turbo For Yourself<—Click This

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